This is the personal website of Adam Furman. Find out more on the About Me page, or view a CV-style list of my works on the Works page.

I am currently at the University of Oxford studying Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing. I recently graduated from Brown University with degrees in Mathematical Physics and Computer Science. My research interests include computational physics, simulation development for physical systems, the intersection of machine learning and scientific research, as well as the broader social and ethical implications of new computational tools in the modern era.

I have experience conducting research in high energy physics, biological physics, and earth science. I also have extensive experience teaching in a wide variety of contexts. As an aspiring computational physicist, I have a strong background in programming and computer systems, including a specialization in security. My other academic interests include science communication, sociology, literature, and history.

This website hosts my various projects and interests. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Writing and Articles

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